Evaluation and Monitoring of Meta-Analysis in Medical Research through Information Technology

Maya Dhar Barik, Sushil Meher


Abstract Introduction: Monitoring and evaluation in the field of health care are much more important and closely related. They are undertaken to find out the result of a research project in relation to the clinical benefits, risk factors and its importance for society. Objective: Its efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and reproducibility and hence play a crucial role in medical research and education. Material and Methods: How a programme project research results, treatment performances or has performed including reasons for expects of performance, whether positive or negative which is usually with emphasis on impact for people, research scholars, doctors, scientists, genetists, paramedical staff and others. Results: This article includes tries to describe new innovative methods in research methodology. Effective monitoring is important for purposeful conclusion of a research. Conclusion: Here the statistical analysis should be included in the main protocol, although it may also be useful to produce detailed statistical analysis plan separately. For each outcome variable analysis of population missing data at the subject level, analysis of individual trails, meta-analysis model, estimation and hypothesis testing are to be performed. To avoid too many false positive results, it is desirable to limit the number of covariables investigated in this way.

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